Community Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Young boy holding a beetrootWoman gardening

Gardener’s Log

An annual summary by Christian Brodrick, one of our volunteers.


We are located in Wish Park next to the Saxon Pavillion. (South East of the park). The nearest road to the garden is Saxon Road.


We had more rain then we could have wished for in 2012, and, like most gardeners, we have had successes and failures. The tomatoes and potatoes were both unfortunately hit with blight that we believe was down to the wet weather.  However fortunately we managed to harvest some of the potato crop.

The brassicas were terribly hit by pests, despite being covered with enviromesh, so caterpillar picking was a major task! In the future, we hope to have better protection.

The tall and bright sunflowers could be seen from all around the park and were a huge success – we plan to plant some more in the future.

Some shrubs/bushes were planted to give some weather protection along the south side of the garden.


In 2013, we had two very well-attended and hardworking Big Dig sessions that we hope to continue in the future. Lots of jobs were completed although the weather wasn’t too great!

Two wooden benches where built and installed, which will come in very handy when we have pick and cook sessions. These will accommodate our lovely recycled oak table that was made by a local park ranger, Chantelle.

We also installed a shed, which so far has done its job well by keeping all of our equipment safe and dry!

Frogspawn was put in to the pond with the hope that frogs would develop.


In the summer of 2014, a water butt was installed on the building opposite and a water roller was also brought to transport large amounts of water from the water butt to the garden with ease.


After a mixture of weather, most of the crops benefitted from the so-called heatwave although endless watering was needed all season!


After about 6 years most of the raised beds, if not all, were falling apart so we replaced the boards with brand new oiled boards. (see pictures below).  A success over the year was the salad crop which tasted wonderful.


So far in 2017…

 Sessions will restart from Wednesday 29th March and will continue throughout the season every Wednesday starting at 16:00 – weather permitting. All welcome, no experience nesserery and all tools and equipment are provided.


Planting is underway and amazingly some of the salad crop survived through the winter and still tasted wonderful.


The pond has been a massive attraction for families. Although sometimes it needs a lot of up-keep, it really is worth having! It is a lovely sturdy safe structure so everyone can enjoy it, from children to adults. It was built with an opening that is above water level and a ramp so the hoped-for-frogs can go in and out with ease. Water plants, tadpoles and a frog were donated. The frogs have multiplied and now return each spring to lay more frogspawn!


Community Compost Scheme

Compost bins have been installed near the garden and the scheme has been a massive success since it started in 2012. With so many people willing to take part we now have four bins, used on a rotating cycle! Due to a major problem with rodents, in April 2017 the best of the bunch have been relocated next to the existing water butt.

With Our Thanks To:

  • Gerald Flanagan, who is the senior gardener in the park, the park keepers and rangers  who have given us help & advise along our journey.
  • Brighton and Hove Food Partnership – Who have given us funding to get started.
  • Portland & Clarendon Healthy Neighbourhood Fund who have given us funding for wood to replace the raised beds.
  • Friends Of Wish Park who have given us funding to keep us going.
  • Brighton & Hove Community Compost Centre (BCCC) who have given us the compost at a discounted price.

Last Updated By Christian Brodrick on 25/03/17



2 thoughts on “Community Fruit & Vegetable Garden

    Anne Pissaridou said:
    March 21, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Big Dig Day 2013
    Although it was a very rainy and windy day it was still good to dig – I hope my onions and shallots that I planted prosper.
    Approved 2014

      christianbrodrick responded:
      April 4, 2017 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you for your comments.

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