Big news. We’ve changed our name.

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Some of you may have noticed we’ve changed our name from Wish Park Residents Association to Friends of Wish Park.

When we first set up our group after the first Brighton Marathon party in 2010, there was another small group with the name of Friends of Wish Park. So we took the name of Wish Park Residents Association.  But the other group has been less active and agreed for us to use the name instead.

The decision was made at the AGM a few weeks ago. We felt it was much more relevant to what we do. Wish Park attracts people from all over the area, not just people who live alongside it – so Friends is a more, well friendly name than residents.

Do you want to be a Friend of Wish Park?

Dog walkers, sport people, local families, gardeners and anyone else who enjoys the park are welcome to join our group. We organise at least one event each year and raise money to improve the facilities in the park. Since our group started we have seen a new play park installed, a cafe opened and a community garden set up. We have been involved in all of the changes either applying for grants, liaising with the council or getting together to organise our annual park event.

If you’d like to join us, that would be great. Come along to one of our meetings or drop us a line by sending us a message through our Facebook site or post a comment on our site.


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