Spring in the Veg Garden

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vegetables growingSpring is here and we have started work on the community vegetable garden. We have built a pond from wooden sleepers, which will take time to settle and needs some finishing touches – a ramp will be built for frogs and any other wildlife to make their way in via their own special entrance, plants added and the liner given a final trim. It is above ground, so is safe for any small children who may be around.

Jack and Will’s parents kindly donated the money for the liner and further funding came from Southern Water. And, as usual, Pete came to the rescue and built the pond from the sleepers.

Over the winter some beds were planted with green manure, which has now been dug in, and other beds will be cleared to make way for sowing and planting this year’s crops, including potatoes which we are chitting. We will be getting more compost to fill the new beds and meanwhile we are planning what to grow where, taking into account what we grew last year and rotation, which worked well – and remembering that watering this year will be more difficult.

We were also given funding to make wheelchair access easier as Betty’s wheelchair was getting stuck in the bark chippings. Other plans include a picnic table and benches for when we have a cooking session and which we can also use for other tasks – or just for sitting back and admiring our handiwork.

We are always glad to have more people helping in the garden and then sharing in the produce. We generally meet there alternate Saturday mornings at 10am for about two hours – see dates on the noticeboards at the garden.


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