What can you do to help?

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 Muscle:  To Lift & Shift

There will be a little bit of preparation required, hanging bunting, settings up tables, and erecting gazebos. If you can help on the day, please meet at 3 Marine Avenue at 9.30am and wait for Mark, who is coordinating the muscle! You can contact Mark on mark.nicholas@ntlworld.com.

We will also need some helpers at 4pm to help pack it all away!

Children’s Creative Area.

Joyti from 9 Saxon Road is co-coordinating some creative arts and crafts for the children. We hope to have an Arts & Crafts Table, A Nail Painting Table, A Tattoo Studio (temporary!) as well as Face Painting.

Can you donate?  

Nail Varnishes, Tattoos, Card, Chalks, Pens,Crayons, Plastic Scissors, Coloured Paper, Sequins, Poms Poms, or any arts and crafts bits, as well as Face Paints. Please hand in your donations to Joyti at 9 Saxon Road.If you can help “man” these areas for 30 minutes on the day, please call or email Joyti on joytiazad@hotmail.com  or 07912 177937.

Book Swap

Jo from 69  Wish Road is organising a Book Swap, so if you have any books you no longer want, please bring along to the swap and pass onto your neighbours. The table will be in Saxon Road, clearly signed. Any left over books will be going to the Oxfam Bookshop. If you would like to help Jo, please contact her on joadams50@hotmail.com .

Dr Bike

John from 22 Saxon Road will be running a “Dr Bike” and doing some Bike Maintenance, if this is your thing and you can help, please contact John at johnknapp@btinternet.com or call 01273 417997.

First Aid & Emergency Response

The emergency services are likely to be under severe pressure on the day, and their response times may be slower, should we have any serious incidents on the day. We would therefore like several local people who have experience in first aid, medical care, and general emergencies to volunteer to be “on call” should the need arise. There will be a first aid point in Saxon Road, we would like a list of people we can call to come to the point and help when we call you. Carla is coordinating our first aid point, if you have relevant experience and are happy to be on call on the day, please email Carla on mark.nicholas@ntlworld.com  or call/text her on 07771 880564.

Older Persons Afternoon Tea

Mandy at 61 Marine Avenue is coordinating the Older Persons Tea, we have sourced the Hot Water Urns, but do need volunteers on the day to make and serve the tea, and we will be asking all residents to bring some home made or shop bought cakes or biscuits on the day. If you are happy to help, please contact Mandy on mandy.head2@btinternet.com  or call 07989 601761.

Got a Gazebo or Marquee we can use?

Please contact z.chinman@btinternet.com  or 07540 633909

Childrens Games & Races

Old fashioned egg and spoon races, sack races, three legged races and anything else we can think of is being co-ordinated by Peter & Christine at 33 Marine Avenue, but they needs lots of help!

If you have any equipment that is suitable, any great ideas, prizes, winners certificates, or rosettes, or if you can help organise the kids on the day, please contact Chris at Chistine_Thorp@mckinsey.com



If you are a printer, please get in touch with Zoe at z.chinman@btinternet.com . We need a few signs, such as First Aid Point, as well as our next A4 flyer printed and would love to save some costs. 

Have You Got Any Ideas or Talent?

 We are struggling to get any form of entertainment for the adults. We would love to hear from you if you can play some music, do magic, are any kind of performance artist, if you have a PA system, or if you can act as compere and host on the day.

 If you would like to organise an event on the day, from a penalty shoot out to a game of rounders, or you have got a great idea, please contact Zoe at z.chinman@btinternet.com or call 07540 633909.


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