Have you heard the exciting news?

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You should be getting a flier through your door with all the up-to-date information about our street party.

Thanks Zoe for producing it and Paul and the delivery team who will be dropping it through your door any time soon.

If you can’t wait, here’s all the information.

We are delighted to announce that the Wish Park Community will indeed be having a “Street” Party to celebrate the 1st Brighton Marathon on Sunday 18th April 2010.

 The newly formed Wish Park Residents Association got together one cold night in February and applied for a grant from the council on behalf on Wish Road, Saxon Road, Marine Avenue, Tennis Road, Norman Road and Tandridge Road. (Glendor Road were already organising their own street party, it wasn’t that we forgot them!)

 We were successful in securing £1,000 to put towards our “Street Party” and we want to share some of the ideas we have for the day. There will be another guide coming out before the 18th with more information, but for the moment we are asking for donations of items for the day, as well as some volunteers for physical help on the day. Our small team have done some fantastic work so far, but we really do need lots more help though, so please read on……..

The day will start at around 10.30, when we start to prepare Saxon Road and Wish Park with balloons, bunting and tables. We hope to have some children’s activities and games starting at this time too.

 A “Bring & Share” meal, at 12 noon, where we are inviting all residents, their friends and families, to join their neighbours for a buffet style lunch. The idea is that every house brings a dish (or two) and we all share, enjoying food from other cultures and styles.

 From 1.30pm, we are encouraging our older residents to come and join us for an afternoon tea, where they will be served tea and cake.

 In the afternoon, we hope to secure a children’s entertainer for a show in the park, as well as some more fun and games.



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