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Here is our funding application submitted to the council on Friday 11 March.

I’ve taken out some personal info of residents but the rest is all here. I expect we will make lots of changes on the day to this plan but we tried to give a flavour of what was discussed at the meeting.

Apply for your £250 Marathon Street Party fund

Brighton & Hove’s first Marathon will take place on Sunday 18 April 2010 and Brighton & Hove City Council is offering small grants to local groups in West Hove to put on a street party to: celebrate the Marathon, promote healthier lifestyles and encourage community involvement.  12,000 people are taking part and the Marathon will take runners from Preston Park, around the city to Rottingdean and Hove, past the pier and will finish on Madeira Drive.

Residents of West Hove are invited to host a street party on Sunday 18 April 2010, with the support of the council’s Traffic Control Team who will assist with arranging your road closure and the council’s JourneyOn team who will supply a fact sheet on some tips for organising a street party, should your group be successful with its application.

Who is eligible to apply?

• Local community groups                  • Local voluntary or charitable organisations

• Groups of residents who live in West Hove*

You do not need to have a formal constitution, but you must have a bank account in the name of your group or organisation and a named person (plus one other signatory) responsible for organising the project.  We require two people to sign the attached application form. New groups are welcome (i.e. you can form a new group in order to apply to the scheme).


What can I apply for?

All successful groups will get a cash grant towards the cost of a Marathon Street Party.  Grants are restricted to a maximum of £250.  Groups must be made up of a minimum of three people.  The Street Party must take place in West Hove**, on Sunday 18 April 2010

The grant may only be used towards costs for a street party inspired by Brighton & Hove’s first Marathon that promotes active ways of living in our city and community involvement.


When is the deadline for my application?

All applications to the ‘Street Party’ community fund must be received by 5pm on Friday 12 March 2010.  


A panel from the council’s JourneyOn campaign, Traffic Control and the Events team will select groups who are eligible to receive funding.  Successful groups will be notified by email on 17 March 2010Decisions are final and there will be no system of appeal.


For more information visit www.journeyon.co.uk
*Applications are invited from residents who live west of Hove Street towards Derek Ave, Hove

**Road closures for the Marathon mean that some roads in West Hove will not be eligible to host a Street Party on 18 April. THE APPLICATION FORM please complete



THE APPLICATION FORM please complete this form in capitals and black ink


Name of group

 Wish Park Residents Association

Name of main contact for the group

 John Kapp

Address of contact

 Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE

Telephone                                           Mobile






Please give a full description of your Street Party (Use a separate sheet if necessary)

 We are a group of residents in the Wish area of Hove who would like to organise a traditional street party to celebrate the first Brighton Marathon.We represent residents from Wish Road, Marine Avenue, Tandridge Road, Tennis Road, Norman Road and Saxon Road.

Our plan would be to have the party in Marine Avenue for the majority of the event, spreading into the surrounding roads when necessary. We would also like to use Wish Park, if possible for individual events.

The main event will be a party lunch for everyone from the named streets who want to join in. We will provide some food and ask residents to contribute a healthy dish for the meal. We imagine some of the food will be prepared on barbeques set up in the street.

In the late afternoon, we will have an afternoon tea to round the event off.  We hope the whole day will be an opportunity to bring both young and old residents together, with the shared meal a great opportunity for people to chat to each other.

We hope to provide a selection of soft drinks too. Residents will be asked to provide alcohol for themselves, if wanted.

In keeping with the healthy atmosphere of the marathon, we would also like to hold a fun sports day for both adults and children.

This would involve races, games and the chance to try out some sports such as cricket and croquet, Tai Chi.

We will also hold traditional fun games such as a three-legged race, egg and spoon race etc for both children and adults.

We intend to invite a local children’s football club who train in Wish Park to provide a penalty shoot-out competition and a local cricket club to provide some cricket coaching.

We intend to ask the two local nurseries Playtime Under 5’s and Tinysaurus if they could help us with equipment or organise some games for the youngest children in the area. Many residents would like a bouncy castle and we will investigate this possibility to see if it is suitable and we can buy insurance for it.

Some of these events would be more suitable in Wish Park (Aldrington Recreation Ground) than the streets. We hope to have the use of a marquee which we could use either in the park or in the street.

During the day, we will have refreshments available.  We may also have a second-hand book stall for residents to swap books or make donations to a local charity. Residents may want to set up small yard stalls or craft stalls outside their houses, which would be their responsibility to man and charge if necessary.

We will ask residents to decorate the street and their houses and would like to have bunting across the participating streets which will need to be hired or borrowed. We are considering a competition for the best decorated house.

During the day, we hope to create a fun atmosphere with some form of music, hopefully live music provided by residents who make music, local bands or groups or via a sound system. We think it would be fantastic to book some entertainers such as a clown, magician or Punch and Judy.

As Wish Park is also a popular venue for dog-walking, we would like to organise a dog show. This would be a fun event with categories such as the shaggiest dog, cutest eyes and best-behaved.

In addition, we have some ideas which we would love to explore with the help of the council.

We would love a visit from the Bike Doctor and from the Journey On team. If possible, it would be fantastic if the Playbus could visit the area.

These are the residents from each street, who have volunteered to be street representatives for the party. Others have volunteered to be involved in the planning on the day.




What do you normally do? Or have you set up your organisation especially for this event?

 Some of the residents organised parking objections but have regrouped and attracted new members for this event.

When was your group established?               How many people will be taking part in the activity?

 2008  45 people have expressed a desire to be involved as volunteering in the organisation so far. We expect others to join in on the day. We estimate around 300 on the day.

Please note that the names of all organisers will be required before any grant is paid.

If your group receives funding you will be asked to submit a financial report and a project report outlining how you feel the project went and the role that the support provided by city council played. 


Please give a full breakdown of costs for your Street Party:

 As we are proposing a joint bid of six streets, we would like to bid for £250 for each street.This total is 6 x £250 = £1500

We hope to raise the additional funds needed in the community by contacting local businesses in the area and asking residents to donate if possible.

Cost Price
Hire of PA system plus engineer £300
Hire of bunting £120
Food and drink £600
Bouncy Castle inc insurance £200
Entertainer £300
Prizes for races £50
Raffle tickets, prizes for children, balloons, rubbish bags, cleaning equipment etc £150
Face-painting and fake tattoos equipment £20
Printing for publicity £100
Total £1540




Name of account

 Wish Park Residents Association

Name of Bank                           Sort code                                 Account number

 Barclays Bank    


When you have completed the application form please take a copy for yourself and send the original to: Environment Initiatives, Freepost Plus RLYT-GRJA-GJCZ, Room 501, Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LS, by 5pm on Friday 12 March 2010If you have any questions contact: julie.fletcher@brighton-hove.gov.uk, Telephone 01273 290362


CONFIRMATION  (two signatures required per group)       

Name / Signature (main contact) Date
 John Kapp  
Name / Signature (second signatory) Date
 Caroline Sutton  




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